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Here is a complete list of Skrivr's pre defined template tags and functions that you can use when creating your own custom theme.

{{ menu|raw }}
Renders the main menu. See This is how the Skrivr theme works for details on the resulting html.

{{ home }}
Renders the url to your home directory.
Tip! Use {{ home }} when you include images in your posts:
{{ home }}/image/imagename.jpg

{{ body_id }} If you put ID: id-name on the first line in a text-file Skrivr will pick it up and use it as the id of the body-tag for the article. This is very useful when creating custom post designs or adding services like Disqus to your Skrivr site.

{{ body_class }} Adds classes to the body-tag. Gives you more control over the CSS when designing your own themes.

{{ latest_post|raw }}
Picks up and displays the body of the latest post. Can only be used for the main page (index.html). Use this tag as an alternative to {{ post_feed }} when you only want to display the latest post on your main page. To display the headline place {{ headline }} immediately before the {{ latest_post }}.

{{ post_feed }}
Loops through your posts and displays the parts you choose. For example {{ headline }} or {{ body|raw }}. Posts are displayed in chronological order. For code and examples see our Tips and trix articles about the post-feed.

{{ excerpt|raw }}
Renders the first 300 characters of a post. The excerpt tag maintains html in the resulting excerpt text. This is the perfect tag for a category page or for displaying post snippets in a sidebar. For examples see This is how the Skrivr theme works for details on the resulting html.

{{ permalink }}
Renders a permalink to a post.

{{ title }}
Renders the title of a post (i.e. the filename).

{{ headline }}
Renders the headline of a post. (To be exact; it picks up the first h1 from the post and displays it.)

{{ categorylink }}
Renders a permalink to the category which the post belongs to.

{{ body|raw }}
Retrieves the content of a post.

{{ date }}
Displays a post's publishing date.

{{ category }}
Displays the category to which a post belongs.

{{ static_menu|raw }}
Renders the static pages menu.

{{ template_path }}
Renders a permalink to the themes within your templates folder. This is handy to use when you wand to add

{{ featured_image }}
Extracts and displays the image that you have specified in the [Featured image: ...] in the top of your textfile. See How-to - Images for more detailed info.

{{ rss }}
Renders the URL to your RSS file. Example use: Subscribe vis RSS

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