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Wednesday, 24 April, 2013

Coming up next, and why Skrivr is for real

The Skrivr journey started in 2010 when we built a tool for ourselves. A tool that did away with the fiddly adminy bit of publishing. Since then much has happened.

A closed beta, 1600 invites, 800 beta testers and two rebuilds later we are almost ready to leave the beta badge behind us. We say almost, mainly for two reasons.

First of all... Skrivr is for real.

Skrivr is not a temporary side project that we'll drop when something else catches our collective eye. We have taken the time to build a good app (which can and will still get better) and a solid plan for the future. Part of this is charging for Skrivr. Not a lot, on the contrary. But enough to pay the bills and make sure that your decission to rely on Skrivr is met with a proper commitment.

While we have been building Skrivr several similar apps and services have come and gone. If we had been their customers and invested time and effort in them only to see them disappear after a few months we wouldn't be too happy. This is why with Skrivr we have built something real. We still have a few tweaks that you have told us are really important to you. Once they are actioned we'll be ready to go live.

Secondly, pricing. How much is Skrivr worth to you, in real monthly money terms? We have a fairly decent idea as many of you beta testers have shared your thoughts on this subject with us. While we could tweak the subscription fee as we go along we want to have a better idea before we turn on the billing bit. We'll put up a poll shortly, please do use it to let us know.

Until then, keep writing.


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