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Sunday, 14 April, 2013

New Skrivr is live!

[Update 19 april] 100 invites sent

[Update II 18 april] Yet another 100 invites sent.

[Update I 18 april] Another 100 invites sent.

[Update 17 april] The first 100 invites are now sent.

So, today we are super happy to announce that the new and imrpoved Skrivr is live! There are a ton of improvements in this update. Read on...

New functionality: Instagram + Skrivr

Starting today you can add images to your posts straight from Instagram, Gimmebar or Pinterest. You can even choose to include "featured images". Complete details in the How-to images tutorial.

Full or sandbox/app-folder authentication with Dropbox

You can now choose which type of access you want to give Skrivr to your Dropbox; full or sandbox/app-folder. Just choose when you signup with your invite.

Quicker, and even more stable

We have rewritten Skrivr's backend (the engine room, if you wish). The result is a faster and even more stable service that uses static html-files for both speed and performance.

A new, more useful way to stay informed

All information isn't equal. That's why we replaced the slightly scrappy blog with a more structured journal of all things Skrivr. The journal consists of three distinct sections: "How-to" offers up the latest on how Skrivr works. "Tips & Trix" is where you will find articles on how to get the most out of Skrivr. And in "News" we'll keep you updated on everything that's going on in Skrivr Land.

Invites, invites, even more invites

This is the part we think you have been looking forward to the most ;-) Starting today we will start sending out invites to all of you who have requested them. We'll send them in daily batches of a few hundred at a time.

Follow us on @skrivr

And finally, if you have a spare slot in your directory of Twitter follows we'd be honored if you added us. Twitter is also the fastes way to reach us with any questions or suggestions you have.

That is all for now.

Thank you for being a Skrivr supporter.

/Andreas & Jaan

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