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Thursday, 23 May, 2013

We add RSS feeds - Part 2: Title and Description

On 13 May we added support for RSS feeds on Skrivr powered sites. Today we release part two of the RSS functionality. Next time you view your settings page there will be two new fields for you to edit: Title and Description.

Title is probably self explanatory but it does not one but two things for you. First it creates a title for the feed itself. Secondly it creates a title for the new {{ site_title }} template tag. More on this in a moment.

The description field lets you enter a description of the RSS-feed.

Once you have added a title and description in the fields they will be picked up by RSS readers.

This is the raw RSS feed:

This is the Skrivr feed and title displayed in the Feely RSS reader.

The second part of the title is giving it a template tag that can be used in the title-tag. Not a necessity but a nice bonus.

<title>{{ site_title}}<title>

We think these improvements will make it even easier for you to get your words in front of your audience.

Keep writing! /Andreas

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