Skrivr is closing down.

Important information about your account.

To us it makes perfect sense that the moment one hits 'save' in a writing app the text should be published. And that's exactly how Skrivr worked. You wrote, you saved and your words were published. It really is, or rather was, that simple.

Skrivr was originally born in December 2010 out of a need for a simpler way to publish words online. Initially we built it for ourselves. Then we invited some friends, and they invited their friends, and then more writers wanted to try it.

Sadly, despite Skrivr being something we and hundreds of you tried, liked, loved and cherished, we have come to the conclusion that it s time to end the story of Skrivr.

The main reason is a lack of time. While we ran Skrivr as a serious undertaking we were never able to transition in to it as full-time paid jobs. And as is often the case under those circumstances this meant we were not able to evolve Skrivr the way we felt it deserved.

Rather than keep Skrivr scribbling along we feel it is appropriate to end the story here.

Skrivr will close down on 6 October 2014.

Your writings should, thanks to the way Skrivr works, already rest safely as text files in your Dropbox account. If you are using Skrivr with your own domain name make sure to change all the relevant settings through your domain host (including the A-record) away from Skrivr. On 6 October all accounts will be irreversibly deleted.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for travelling with us on this journey. Thank you above all for using Skrivr to write and to share stories, ideas and passions with your readers.

Good bye. Hej då.

/Andreas & Jaan - Your fellow writers
Stockholm 20 August 2014