Tuesday, 20 December, 2011

New Skrivr is here! It's important that you update your themes.

Today we finished our largest ever update to Skrivr. Clean URLs, category pages, extended template-tags, updated default themes and a ton of improvements under the hood are all part of New Skrivr.

To benefit from it all you need to update your theme files.

If you are using the "Skrivr default theme" or the older "Started theme" you will see an update-screen when you view your Skrivr site.

The "update your themes" screen If you need to update your themes, you will se this screen.

Why do we force this update?

We have discussed this internally in the Skrivr team and feel there are two reasons why we think it's ok to show the "update Skrivr" screen.

  1. Skrivr is still in beta, and making big changes is part of the whole beta-thingie. Improving, tweaking and evolving is important for Skrivr to become a really powerful, useful and competent CMS. As part of that work we see benefits to not investing our very limited resources in supporting an old code base in addition to the new one.

  2. We decided from day one that once someone has signed up to Skrivr we would never push things from Skrivr to the user's Dropbox. This approach is vital to us and means that any changes to the files in Dropbox has to be made by the user.

We will write more about these improvements here on the blog and in our news letter.

To dive right in and learn more about the improvements to Skrivr, take a look at the updated "How to"-articles in the right hand sidebar for infor on the new template-tags, the category pages and more.

Thank you.

/Andreas & Jaan