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Write and publish

The basic idea

To publish with Skrivr you create and save text files in your Skrivr folder on Dropbox. Skrivr picks up the section-name, headline and publishing date from the filename. Supporting files like images, themes, css or javascript also need to live in your Skrivr folder.


A regular post or article should be named like this:

Sectionname_ Headline _20110101.txt

(or Sectionname_Headline_20110101.txt, Skrivr isn't picky about spaces between words)

If you leave out the date Skrivr will consider it a draft and not publish it.

Skrivr can also separate regular posts from "static pages". Static pages are things like "About" and "Contact" pages.

To create a static page name it like this:

Static_ Pagename _20110101.txt

(or without spaces as Static_Pagename_20110101.txt)

Writing and formatting

The beauty of Skrivr is that it automatically converts your text into valid HTML/XHTML.

Use "Markdown" (Markdown Extra to be precise) when you write. Already familiar with Markdown and syntax? If so, create a .txt file in the Dropbox folder you just created and start writing.

If not or if you need a refresher, read on.

Writing with Markdown

Skrivr is about writing, not menus and formatting. That's why you will use regular characters to format your words; for example bold, lists, quotes and such.

## My header

creates a h2-header like this

My header

Adding different numbers of # creates different sub-headers, like this:

# -> h1
## -> h2
### -> h3
#### -> h4
##### -> h5
###### -> h6

Emphasis is created like this

_italic_ or even *italic* and looks like this

italic or even italic

Same with bold.

__bold__ or indeed **bold**

bold or indeed bold

> Veni, vidi, vici

Veni, vidi, vici

Lists is also very easy
- list item 1
- list item 2
- list item 3
- list item 4


To add a link you put the link text in brackets and the URL in parenthesis.

[Visit Skrivr](

Visit Skrivr


Images are treated almost the same as links, alt-text in brackets and the target in parenthesis. Just add a "!" before the first bracket.

![Alt-text]({{ home }}/image/demo_image.jpg)

Inline html

You can also add good old proper HTML as well:

<div class="factbox" markdown="1">
###### A list of items
+ List item 1
+ List item 2
+ List item 3

Creates this:

A list of items
  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Thats about it for the basics. Create a .txt file (via for example TextEdit or Notepad) and try it for your self.

To learn more about Markdown and its syntax visit Graham Kings' quick reference, Michel Fortin's Markdown Extra documentation or read John Gruber's full Markdown Syntax article.

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