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Adding images to your Skrivr posts is easy, even when you are writing and creating content on a handheld device.

Using Dropbox

You can save your images to your Skrivr-dropbox folder and include them via Markdown. If you save the images in to a sub-folder called "images" the code would look like this:


The {{ home }}-tag ensures that the image-url points to your account.

Adding images straight from Instagram, Pinterest or Gimmebar

You can also publish images to Skrivr straight from your favourite image sharing app.

How it works

Paste the 'share' URL from Instagram, Gimmebar or Pinterest into your textfile and ... that's it. Skrivr will recognize the URL-type, extract the image and add it to your post.

Images in templates; The featured image function

You can us images and thumbnails from your articles and static pages in your own templates. These are known as "featured images"; add [Featured image: imageurl] at the top of your post and the image will be treated as a separate object to use in your templates.

This is how it would look in your text-files:

To see a live example of the featured image function visit the main How-to page where we used the excerpt, the headline and the featured image to create the overview. Nifty, don't you agree?

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