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Sunday, 5 May, 2013

We add RSS feeds

Today we release another requested feature on Skrivr, the ability to add an RSS feed.

It comes with a new Skrivr template tag {{ rss }} that renders the URL to your RSS file. Complement the tag with an RSS link in your templates and you are all set.

RSS link example:

<a href="{{ rss }}">Subscribe vis RSS</a>

If you prefer to use an image for your link we recommend downloading the clean and minimal Pace Social iconset. Place the RSS icon in your template's images folder, like such:

<a href="{{ rss }}"><img src="{{ template_path }}/imgs/rss_icon.png"></a>

All done.

You might wonder why this was not part of Skrivr from the start. At the time we started developing Skrivr beyond a tool for ourselves we noticed that many of the writers we enjoyed had done the same thing as we ourselves were doing, namely removing everything but the most essential bits of the blog or journal.

Tweets, personal recommendations and manual shares brought those interested in our musings to our pages. But it was clear that while many of you loyal beta testers, and more recent joiners as well, appreciated our approach there were a number of you who wanted to at least have the RSS option available. And of course we listened, and starting today Skrivr supports RSS.

Thank you as always for letting us know what you want from Skrivr. We are here to listen to you.

/Andreas & Jaan

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